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Partner with us today to kickstart your next campaign.

If you have a new product you want to launch, looking to raise money for a charity/club or simply want to do a small run of tees you have designed without the hassle of maintaining a website, stock and production management this is the program for you.

Our Merch Centre is simple and easy to use.  We have developed a pre-order program (minimum order is 25 units) that allows you to roll out your campaign with no upfront costs, no requirement to hold inventory – resulting in a financially lean & sustainable way of selling your product.

Once your campaign is completed, we will do a print run, ship the items to your or your supporters and send the profits from your campaign!  
To get started, simply complete the webform below!

Create a Campaign


Create a campaign

All you have to do is fill in our online form and upload the design you want printed, then select the type of garment you want to print your design and we do the rest!

Our Sales team will help you create your design and choose garments from our World Class suppliers including AS Colour, Gildan, Next level and Identitee!


Promote & Sell

Once you have approved the design and the details of the campaign have been signed off, we will load up the campaign on our fundraising platform! All you have to do is start to promote the campaign amongst your network!


Orders printed and shipped

We want to take the pain out of running a fundraising campaign! At the completion of the campaign we will print all orders that we have received in the campaign period and arrange shipping! Shipping can be direct to the customer, or we can deliver to you for distribution!


You get paid!

We will keep you posted on the number of sales received during the campaign, and at the end of the campaign we will send you a payment for the profits generated at the end of the campaign!

Things to think about when you are creating your campaign:

  • Who is your target market? What type of garment and design will encourage them to take part in your fundraiser?
  • What is your target? How much do you want to raise and what is your story?
  • How do you want to distribute your orders? Do you want us to ship them direct to the customer or send them to you for distribution?

Create a Campaign