screen printing sydney


Junior is the director of Fresh Tees who considers himself a jack of all trades as he dabbles a bit in everything. He loves the inner west, enjoys kicking back with a few beers, riding his bike, swimming and working on personal projects. He lives by 'Make it happen.'


CJ is the brain wiz behind Fresh Tees who oversees everything but arty stuff. She also works in the music industry dealing with tour management and merchandise. A secret tech nerd who enjoys music, the ocean, trying things out of her comfort zone and always chasing the sun.


Bryce is our screenprint Obi-wan, He's currently raising his new family in New Zealand. However his name is mentioned at least 5 times a day in the factory, a talented cat with an eagle eye for the realness. Enjoys dropping carousels on his finger and is a music purist. Nicknamed 'Fondu'.




When asked what he does at work he replied 'Nothing. I just show up. Junior didn't even know I worked here for a whole month.' George enjoys doing anything related to graphic design, listening to music and is currently studying audio productions & engineering.




Rowena isn't exactly sure what she does at Fresh Tees, she jumps around dealing with creative stuff. She enjoys drawing strange space stuff, doing anything design related, watching Netflix and playing The Sims. Rowena is also very superstitious and curious about everything.


Onyx is the little office dog who enjoys meeting customers, tries to steal everyone's lunch, spreads good vibes and doesn't like storms. When he's not in Fresh Tees HQ he is at home either sleeping or rearranging things. He can jump really high and enjoys spooning in bed.