Canva x Fresh Tees Live

Canva x Fresh Tees Live

For Sydney WorldPride 2023, our crew teamed up with Canva to deliver a Fresh Tees Live creative collaboration celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and community.

The “Drag and Drop Print Shop” showcased at Fair Day, one of the community’s most beloved events, where over 200 retail and food stalls assembled to offer giveaways for attendees, and families gathered to connect and picnic.

The shop was a clear crowd favourite as hundreds gathered, patiently lined up beneath the bright sun for their chance to customise their own personalised tote bags and watch their designs come to life in print!

 It was awesome for our crew to be involved in the festivities which also supported Out for Australia, an active organisation which champions Australia's LGBTQIA+ students and young professionals. 

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by the Drag and Drop Print Shop to showcase their individual creativity! Overall, our collaboration with Canva serves as a reminder of the power of creativity and its positive impact on our community both here in Sydney and around the world.

 Until next year's fair day, stay Fresh!

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