Journey to Yirrkala: Uniting Art and Community

Journey to Yirrkala: Uniting Art and Community
Most days of the week, you’ll find our team busy creating merch for clients at our headquarters in Marrickville and more recently, we’ve been having a blast launching and running Fresh Live printing events with brands. Last month, we changed it up and sent Fresh Tees crew members north to collaborate on a creative workshop in Yirrkala with the Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation (RAC) and House of Darwin
Together, our dynamic team brought a live screen printing workshop on site at the  Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation (RAC) community centre, bridging our worlds of art and creativity with the local community. At the heart of the workshop were bright young artists, ranging in ages from 8 to 12 with participation of some as young as 5, creating their own hand-drawn designs and prepping them for the screens. With Junior, Dylan and others it was all hands on deck, sharing techniques and working alongside the budding creatives.
From this, a series of incredible collaborative prints emerged—designs born from the imagination and transferred onto 150 t-shirts. What made the experience even more special was the beautiful blend of generations present in the workshop as
children, their grandparents, and community members of all ages joined together. 

 We thank Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation (RAC) and House of Darwin for the opportunity to run this workshop, connect with community, and help spotlight and foster the talented youth in Yirrkala. 

For more information on how to get involved and support local initiatives, contact Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation (RAC) and or House of Darwin

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