Puff Up Your Brand

Puff Up Your Brand

Elevate your custom apparel with puff screenprint ink. Let’s get your brand to stand out and make a statement with our new puff ink printing technique. Mixed with a heat-activated foaming agent, puff ink printing expands as it dries, creating a stunning 3D effect that makes your designs pop with style.

Puff ink is perfect for adding dimension and impact. For example, your two-coloured design could be separated into layers where you print one colour the standard way serving as a flat element, and the second colour in puff ink, creating contrast and depth. This technique works especially well with bold or chunky elements, heavy lines and large features.

At Fresh Tees, we make it easy to use puff ink on a variety of fabrics and base garments. We also offer a full range of puff ink colours to choose from, so you can create custom apparel that truly stands out. 

Let’s get puffy. Contact our team today for a Design Consultation to kickstart your custom creation with puff ink that will turn heads and make a statement.


Can I use puff ink on any design? 

Think chunky text with heavy lines, larger design elements, etc. are best. When it comes to puff ink, the bigger/thicker the better.


My design has thin lines. Why doesn’t puff ink work?

Designs with fine detailed work and smaller elements are more susceptible to warping, and don’t allow for the 3D impact to truly create the full effect.

Can my designs with puff ink be printed in large volumes?

Yes. Like many of our other printing techniques, designs with puff ink can be printed in conjunction with a wide selection of other inks and effects.

Can my designs with puff ink be produced with multiple colours?

Yes, similar to our standard printing techniques, we also offer a wide variety of puff ink colours. 

Does puff ink peel off the fabric?

No, puff ink has a professional finish with high durability. With the right product care, it will not flake or crumble away from the fabric. 

What fabrics can I use puff ink on?

Puff ink can be printed on most types of fabrics. Contact our team today to find out more.

Can puff ink be printed alongside other effects and elements?

Puff ink can be printed with standard screenprint to give an awesome texture effect, however cannot be printed alongside foil, flock, or high density print (or image) effects.

Got more questions about puff ink?

Send us a message here or if you’d like to discuss your next design, book your Design Consultation here.


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