Are you just starting out with your own label? Is this the first time you're thinking of getting your garments printed? If you're not sure how everything is going to look, here is one very easy exercise you can do that can help you visualise the size/positioning/colour of your artwork(s) before you come to us.

Printing out your artwork (just from your printer at home!) at various sizes and multiple colour ways can help you ease the process of back and forth emailing. With this print out, just cut and paste onto a blank garment to see what it looks like! Cut and pasting onto the garment is not only easy but it'll give you fond memories of when you used to do this in primary school. =)

It's one thing to make digital mock ups and its another thing to see it printed in real life. You can stick it on the garment just with sticky tape and try it on to see if the positioning looks right. Then this could allow you to be really specific like say for e.g. you would like the print to fall 10cm from the neckline. We encourage you to do this because we want to help you create your vision. We aim to have every customer leaving happy with the final product. We obviously take this stuff very seriously.

Here's an example:

Your new and upcoming pizzeria Slice Slice Baby needs garments ready for staff members before the grand opening. Here are your ideal ready artworks. You've got your logo and a fun back print.

Using your printer at home, place your artwork onto a graphics program (e.g. Illustrator & Photoshop) or even on a word document at various different sizes. You could start off with your left hand chest print at 8cm and go up at increments of 1cm. So here could be 8cm, 9cm & 10cm. Same goes with the back print. Artworks for back prints are generally larger than your average printable size at home. Perhaps print on an A3 size at your local Officeworks or print service. Then cut out your artworks and get to pasting!

Find some blank garments from a supplier or even from your own wardrobe. Play around with your various sized artworks by pasting them in different positions and see what works. Eliminate the ones that you know won't work. For the left hand chest print for example, you don't want your text too small where it's not legible and you also don't want it too big where its distracting. You've got to find a balance. Same goes for the back print! You don't want it too small where its awkward, you also don't want it too big where your staff look like walking live pizzas. 

Even play around with it on different colours or different styles of garments.

screen printing sydney

Play around with different colour ways too!

Photograph each variation you make so you can compare them side by side or to get a second opinion. It's also acceptable to send it when you get in contact with us!