Our easy steps

Below are our easy-to-follow steps, broken down for you one by one, to clear any confusion or questions you may have. It's also a great way to know exactly how your goods are produced from start to finish!

1. Quote Approval

screen printing sydney

 Shoot us an email or fill out our order form with as much information as possible, this way we can try to quote you correctly. We will help you to achieve the best results within your budget. Remember to include any reference images, mock ups &/or artwork. However, if you’re not too sure, and you've only just got a rough idea we're happy to discuss some options as well.

The price of your total order depends on a few variables: total quantity, colour of garments (which we can supply), & how many of each colour, size of artwork, placement of artwork, number of screens required for your artworks, whether you need any additional services. The least expensive option for screen printing will always be a light coloured garment with a dark print, darker garments require an extra base screen which adds to the total cost.  

 Keep in mind that sometimes during production we may experience some hiccups. E.g. Your artwork has fine details, sometimes we may underestimate the amount of screens required to achieve your vision. But we will give you a call and discuss this should we encounter any issues.

2. Artwork Approval

After discussing your requirements with us, you will need to provide all of your artwork. You may refer to our Guides & Templates page to see what we need from you, in finer detail. Basically we need your finalised artwork in .PDF, .AI, .PSD, .EPS or 300dpi image file. We will then send you a job sheet that includes a mock-up of your garments as well as information on ink colour, artwork position, garment styles, sizes and quantities. Please go through this very carefully as once you’ve signed off on the job, we are not held responsible for of these factors that you’ve approved.  

You can either make your own mock-up or request one from us. We have supplied some black & white tee templates on our Guides & Templates page.

3. Filmwork Created

 Once we have received all of your finalised artwork, we will get working with colour separating, adjusting sizes, making registration marks, checking image quality and ensuring everything is ready to go. We then print your artwork on a clear polypropylene which will then be exposed against our screens. We ask for finalised artwork to make this process easy for the both of us!

4. Screens Created

 Before we prepare a screen for exposure, we ensure that it is clean and degreased. We then apply a thin coat of photosensitive emulsion, and allow it to dry. Once the screen is dry we then "burn" the film work by placing it against the screen and exposing it to a light source. We take extra care to ensure your artwork is positioned correctly. Once the exposure is done, we remove the film from the screen. We wash out the screen and are left with the printable artwork. Quality checks are always performed after a screen is created, we will touch up if needed.

5. Production

Production starts once we receive the apparel to be printed on (either supplied by you or ordered from us), all the steps above have been approved and once the deposit has been paid. We ensure our colour matching is accurate, artwork on multiple screens are in line, print position is correct, oven is at the correct temperature, quantity/sizes are correct and quality of the print. Most importantly, we promise consistency across our service. 

6. Finished!

Once the goods are done, packed and ready to go; we will send you an email to let you know that your order is ready to be collected or delivered! Any outstading amount on the invoice needs to be fixed up before we release your order. If you require delivery we will send you an email with all the relevant information including tracking with our courier. If you are happy with your goods, upload an image on Instagram and tag us @freshtees.syd , as we would love to see!


If there is anything else that you may have questions about, don't be afraid to give us a call!
You may also want to have a read through our comprehensive FAQs and our Guides & Templates.