Activate with Fresh Tees Live

Activate with Fresh Tees Live

Create with Your Community. As businesses look for innovative ways to engage with audiences, Fresh Tees Live printing events have gained popularity, emerging as the trending go-to option for global brands including Patagonia, Spotify, and Canva. With live printing events, businesses can activate their creative vision, delivering immediate and lasting experiences for people of all ages.

Live printing is a fun, interactive, and personalised experience.  Our process is collaborative, enabling each customer to express their individual creativity through custom designs. Customers can create something unique and personal that they can wear or gift. First they choose from a selection of garments and options to customise their design, then watch as their design is printed live. 

Spark love for your brand with Fresh Tees Live. We’re connecting folks through creativity. With brands and agencies increasingly focused on delivering original experiences, our live printing events provide the opportunity for tailored, personal connection in a fun and meaningful way, ultimately increasing brand loyalty and awareness.  Live printing also provides a sustainable solution, allowing brands to produce merchandise on demand, reducing waste and excess inventory.

Make a lasting impression. We collaborate with various industries including sport, technology, hospitality and fashion. Got a sport organisation? Live printing events are a perfect addition to a game day or a team-building event. For startups or tech companies, add our event into your product launches or conferences to create a memorable experience. 

To elevate your next event with Fresh Tees Live, contact our team today at or call 02 9557 9141. For further enquiries about our services, drop us a message here.



How does Fresh Tees Live work?

Through the briefing process, we'll work collaboratively to help you develop the experience from start to finish. Given the wide range of industries and businesses, each live printing event is customised to meet the client’s needs. Our team aims to deliver a live, creative experience tailored for your event. Contact today for more information.


What type of events are best suited for live printing?

Fresh Tees Live printing events work well for a variety of events including product launches, conferences, trade shows, music festivals, and more.


How do I get a quote for Fresh Tees Live printing events? 

Fresh Tees offers custom pricing packages tailored to each event’s unique needs. For a quote, call 02 9557 9141 or send a request to


How far in advance should I book Fresh Tees Live?

To ensure your next event is set up for success with Fresh Tees, we recommend booking at least 6-8 weeks in advance but are open to working with you so we can meet your needs.


How long does it take to print a design at a live printing event?

As each event is live, the process is often immediate. However events are tailored to the host’s setup which means the time it takes to print a design varies, depending on the level of complexity of the designs selected. 


Can I bring my own design to the event?

Yes. Fresh Tees Live encourages customers to design their own artwork. Designs are supplied by the customer and must be in a vector format (such as Adobe Illustrator or PDF). For more information about this process and how it works, contact


Can I choose my own garment to be printed on?

Yes, we offer a variety of garments to choose from including t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags. Customers can select the garment of their choice. For brands supplying their own garments, our team works with you to ensure the designs and printing process is set up accordingly. 


How many products can be printed at a Fresh Tees Live printing event?

Fresh Live will work with you to determine your desired output and design a studio to meet that demand.


What happens to the leftover merchandise after the event?

We aim for zero waste. Excluding special orders, you only pay for what you print plus a restocking fee of 15% on leftover merchandise.


For further information about Fresh Tees Live or to book us for your next live printing event, call 02 9557 9141 or email


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